Old Market Square Print by Local Artist


Experience a fresh, vibrant, and green rendition of Winnipeg’s beloved landmarks in this print sketched by local Winnipeg artist.


This unique artwork recasts the bustling Exchange District and The Cube stage, infusing it with scenes of sustainability and community engagement.

In this imaginative print, you will find a bustling fresh produce stand, people cheerfully picking their own vegetables and fruits from vertical farming stations, and individuals peacefully enjoying nature’s bounty in the park. This fusion of urban landscapes with elements of rural life serves as a powerful symbol of our vision for a sustainable Winnipeg.

This art piece isn’t just a feast for the eyes – it also opens up dialogues about our collective responsibility towards sustainability and community nourishment. Each detail is a reflection of our desire to blend urban life with sustainable practices, creating a harmonious balance that will enrich our city.

Invite this vibrant vision of Winnipeg’s Exchange District and The Cube into your home and join us in envisioning a future where nature, sustainability, and urban living interweave seamlessly. Add this engaging print to your cart today, and let’s cultivate a greener Winnipeg together.


5×7, 10×8


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