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The Harvest Wall is an indoor vertical grow wall that lets you maximize your food production by making the most out of your growing space.

The best part of the Harvest Wall is that its scalable feature allows you to transform an existing space into your very own indoor farm.

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The Harvest Wall is an innovative indoor plant-growing system that comes in various sizes.

Watering Your Harvest Wall

The Harvest Wall takes care of watering your plants for you with its unique “Vertigation” system. Plus, our Harvest Today App lets you schedule watering times from your device.

One of the best things about the Harvest Wall is that you can grow super healthy plants and veggies without any pesticides. It uses 97% less water, no soil, and helps the environment by being carbon-neutral. Cultivating your greens has never been healthier or more sustainable!


The Harvest Wall is made up of tiles. Each tile has six places called ‘grow ports’ to plant something. You can stack up to 120 tiles to create a super-grow wall with a whopping 720 grow ports! The water and nutrients are evenly spread from top to bottom using Vertigation system.

There are over 105 sizes available to suit everyone’s needs. You get to choose how much food you want to grow. Our biggest Harvest Wall lets you grow up to 720 plants in a small 16 sq ft. space!

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So, are you ready to start your indoor farming adventure? Just book a time to call me using this calendar link and we can talk about what you need and how much it will cost.



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