Our vision is clear and simple:
to make Winnipeg the vertical farming city of the world.

We want our city to be a hub for innovation—technologically, socially and economically.

How great would it be if we could grow our own local produce all year long? How many new businesses and jobs would that support? How would our culture change if learning how to grow food was just common knowledge?

What if we became a leader in research and development of energy efficient vertical farm technologies? What kind of interest would that create world-wide? Who would start looking at Winnipeg for answers?

Who would come here for a visit and NOT just think about how bad our weather is? What kind of life would that bring to our downtown?!

We dream of the day when our friends and family don’t leave the city because all big opportunities are elsewhere.

We dream of the day when citizens of Winnipeg say “you know the winters are pretty long but its not so bad now that there are greenhouses everywhere”. We will work day in and day out in bringing this vision to life….


Because we know we can.