Winnipeg’s Landmarks Reimagined Print 1 by Local Artist


Immerse yourself in a captivating portrayal of Winnipeg’s most iconic landmarks as green hubs of sustainability in this print made by a local Winnipeg artist.


This striking artwork reimagines the Museum of Human Rights and Provencher Bridge blanketed with flourishing vertical farms, inspiring an image of a more eco-friendly and sustainable future for Winnipeg.

This picturesque representation captures not only the architectural beauty of these well-loved landmarks but also our shared aspiration for a city rich in urban farming. It acts as a beacon of hope, symbolizing our potential to integrate nature with urban design, thus promoting a healthier environment.

The intricate detailing, combined with the imaginative portrayal of vertical farming, ensures this print is not just an artwork, but also a conversation starter – a testament to the greener future we strive to achieve.

Experience a glimpse of a future Winnipeg where architectural grandeur meets sustainable innovation. Add this thought-provoking print to your collection, and let’s journey together toward a greener future for our beloved city.


5×7, 10×8


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