Winnipeg Map Print by Local Artist


Embark on a delightful journey through Winnipeg as you’ve never seen it before with our “Aerial Green Winnipeg: Sustainable Farming Map Print.”


This hand-drawn sketch beautifully drawn by a local Winnipeg artist presents an aerial view of Winnipeg, transforming the cityscape into a vision of the future. Green acres are thoughtfully dispersed throughout the city, symbolizing the thriving, sustainable farming that we hope will characterize our city’s landscape in the years to come.

This exclusive art piece is more than just a map – it’s an echo of our collective hopes for a greener, sustainable future. It serves as a constant reminder of our shared responsibility towards the planet.

No matter which size you choose, this one-of-a-kind artwork, with its inspiring symbolism, is sure to capture your heart and spark conversations. Embrace this artistic reflection of Winnipeg’s future today and let’s together envision a world with more sustainable farming.

Add this beautiful print to your cart now, and let’s cultivate a greener future for Winnipeg.


5×7, 10×8


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